Fashion Modeling Basics

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How Fashion Can Help

Our programs are unique and offer an outside source for youth living with Autism Spectrum Disorder to enhance their overall quality of life. After taking our programs youth will leave with:

  • Self-Confidence

  • Socially Interactative

  • Personal Growth

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Program Description

Our online fashion workshop program is designed to uplift children and teens ages 5-16 years old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The general focus is to build confidence and social skills needed beyond the classroom. This unique online modeling program will provide tips that tackle common issues children living on the spectrum may face, including: • Self-image and isolation based issues that can arise as they grow up with the disorder • Confusion and misinterpretation of sensory needs as “bad behavior” and we end the course with Personal Development tips, so your child can reach their full potential. In this program, your child will be instructed by Fashion Honors Autism mentees who have successfully gone through our 3 step sensory fashion workshops. Mentee’s & mentors will teach the different types of modeling poses, runway walks and how to style their clothes.


“Fashion Honors Autism gave my son a new way to view himself. The encouragement and praise during workshops brought out a new confidence. With FHA he wasn’t being made to conform to who the world thought he should be, he was encouraged to find peace and acceptance in who he already is.”


“Brodey's experience with Fashion Honors Autism was nothing less than AMAZING!! The confidence that was instilled in him and the friendships that were made makes my mom heart burst!! He is making more friends, the conversations he can hold with adults is unbelievable and he walks with more confidence. Hands down the best experience he's ever had”